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EdbMails simplifies Office 365 migration by automating the configuration and migration tasks. Effectively transfers the data between two Office 365 tenants. It allows you to migrate all the existing mailboxes, contacts and distribution groups, etc. from one Office 365 tenant to another. Its incremental migration feature avoids duplicates on the target mailbox.


Key Features & Advantages:

- It can perform as a single batch move that includes all of your mailboxes, contacts, and distribution group objects, etc.
- Designed with multithreading which improves migration speed and saves lot of time.
- Only the newly added items are migrated to your target server on consecutive incremental migrations which avoids duplicate items.
- Seamlessly migrate your Public folder data to Office 365 with all sub-folders and folder permissions.
- Easy to use user interface, automatic migration (without any Powershell commands) that reduces your time and resources.
- Supported with easy to use GUI, No Powershell commands involved, which reduces your time and resources.
- Automatically maps the source and target mailboxes for the migration operation. In addition, it allows you to manually change/map the target mailboxes.
- Allows moving the recent data with date filter settings and the user can start working with recent emails. Later the rest can be migrated without any downtime.

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