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Sigsync provides centrally managed email signatures for all users. Use this web based email signature service to add Office 365 email signatures directly to Outlook or server-side. Its intuitive and convenient HTML , dynamic drag & drop Signature editor helps users to design the varieties of signatures as per their requirement.

A company-wide email signature is displayed on every email sent by employees. You can use it to showcase essential details such as your company's contact information or a legal disclaimer. To create a company-wide email signature, Sigsync Office 365 email signature solution is worthwhile .

Manage any change is a few seconds and roll out for all your employees.

Highlights of Sigsync Email signature:

• Signature for all reply and forward messages
• Supports signatures across the devices like Windows, Mac, mobile devices
• Special rules like send signature A when it's a new email and signature B when it's a reply
• Allows to include embed images in the signature to avoid blank box
• Ability to rotate banners easily like ad campaigns
• Definite rules (easy to manage) such as if the recipient is external or company XYZ, use a different signature

Setup company-wide centrally managed email signature for your team, company, branding, campaign etc., start now.

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